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How Back-Office Process Innovation Can Impact Performance as Much as Tech Innovation

Recently, Chalk Schools CEO Sarah Chou contributed a guest blog post for Getting Smart where she writes about the impact of process innovation on school district performane. Below is an excerpt:

School districts are drowning in paperwork. Ask most school or district employees what they dread most, and there’s a good chance that paperwork will be close to the top of the list for teachers, principals, school site secretaries and district admins.

While it may be easy to dismiss paperwork as a necessary evil, in actuality it’s usually a symptom of larger operational issues facing school districts that could ultimately impact everything from procurement and resource allocation to teacher hiring and onboarding.

According to the National Council on Teacher Quality’s (NCTQ) recent Great Districts for Great Teachers survey, effective management and operations of school districts can be an important factor in recruiting and retaining teaching talent. They note that teachers in districts that support efficient daily operations of schools have better access to basic supplies and adequate facilities, which can have a personal and professional impact.

However, it’s well documented that most teachers wind up spending a significant amount of their own money to support their efforts in the classroom, with 92 percent of teachers reporting at least some out of pocket expense.

Read the full article at GettingSmart.com.

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