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Oakland Hacks II: Another Inspirational Experience with Aspiring Coders


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Customer Story: Franklin Pierce Schools Optimizes Leave Request and Letter of Intent Forms to Gain Insight into School Climate and Resource Planning


Located in Tacoma, Washington, Franklin Pierce Schools employs more than 530 teachers and nearly 490 additional support and administrative staff across 15 school sites.

Topics: HR Leave Request Letter of Intent

Policy Brief: Some California districts still struggle to understand Local Control Funding Formula, report finds

 A new report published recently by The Local Control Funding Formula Collaborative, comprised of a team of researchers throughout the state, has found that many districts throughout the state of California still stuggle to understand the best way to develop LCAP plans after three years of operating under the state's Local Control Funding Formula. 

Topics: LCAP Local Control and Accountability accountability LCFF

Customer Story: Dayspring Academy Masters the Art and Science of Purchase Orders


Founded in 2000, Dayspring Academy is a fast-growing public charter school in Port Richey, Florida, with a unique mission for education and the arts. We spoke recently with Aaron White, Director of IT at Dayspring Academy about his vision for taking each of their three campuses digital.

Topics: Purchase Orders Charter School

School Accountability: A Process-Driven Approach

Earlier this week marked the original deadline for states to submit their ESSA plans to the federal government. While recent changes to the bill's accountability measures have extended the deadline for some, many state education agencies had already prepared draft plans they had intended to submit in order to comply with the original April 3 due date.

Topics: processes accountability essa

Customer Story: Lakeland Central School District Brings Its "A" Game to Athletic Forms and Registration


Located in New York State’s Hudson Valley, Lakeland Central School District is the largest suburban school district in Westchester County with 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 2 high schools serving students in six different towns, including parts of neighboring Putnam County.

Topics: Athletic Forms Student Information Medical Forms

What makes a great school district according to teachers?

Last week, the National Council on Teacher Quality named their top 8 districts for recruiting, supporting and retaining great teachers. This year's winners included: Boston; Broward County, Fla.; Denver; the District of Columbia; Gwinnett County, Ga.; New York City; Pinellas County, Fla.; and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Topics: HR Teacher hiring

Customer Story: Randolph Field ISD Streamlines Student Registration by Going Online


Located on an air force base near San Antonio, Texas, Randolph Field ISD serves nearly 1,500 K-12 students, many of whose parents are serving in the military or work as civilian employees of the base.

Topics: Registration Acceptable Use Policy Media Release Forms FERPA Transportation

5 Tips to Streamline Your School District's HR Recruiting Processes

School districts hire a large number of new staff members each year, and it’s important to hire the right people on the first try. Hiring the right candidate can take a lot of time. Here are five tips to streamline and automate some of your school district’s HR recruiting processes.

Topics: HR

How Your School District Benefits From Streamlining HR and Payroll Workflows

Running a school or an entire district generates a ton of paperwork – and that doesn’t even count the student records. Human resources and payroll, in particular, are a real challenge. You have different people with potentially very different compensation packages and you have to make it work. Staying on top of it all can seem like an exercise in inefficiency sometimes, but with a little effort, you can streamline your HR and payroll workflows using a simple application to automate and integrate your paperwork.

Topics: HR